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Network name Pingjam
Parent company Pingjam Inc.
Founded 2012
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Area served
  • US
  • Worldwide
Ad formats
  • Caller ID Ads
Payment schedule Net 7
Payment methods
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
Min. payout $2/$100
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Pingjam is a special ad networks that allows users to enable a caller ID feature for their phone, and is intended to add value to the users and show only ads relevant to their interests.

Android SDK

Adding the SDK to any app is a breeze. Pingjam supports native development as well as many application development platforms such as App Inventor, Adobe AIR, Unity 3D, Corona, PhoneGap etc. You can also use Pingjam with app generation platforms such as

Ad Formats

When you add Pingjam to your app your users can choose to activate a Caller ID feature which enables them to see who is calling them even if the name is not in their address book. The service works on business numbers only and includes also telemarking and spam alerts. Pingjam shows banner ads during phone calls to businesses if there are relevant ads, for example if you call for Pizza, Pingjam could show you a coupon for 50% off on Pizza.

Users don't need to open your app for you to get paid, just once to accept the service terms.

Permissions Required

The only non-standard permission Pingjam requires is "android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS".


Pingjam pays $1/day *every day* for every 1000 active users from the US, $0.03-$0.17 for 1000 users from other countries. There's no minimum, 1000 users are only mentioned to help calculation (if you have only 100 users will get $0.1 per day)

Referral Program

Contact us at to apply and get details about the affiliation program